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Dawn Marie Scott

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Dawn Marie Scott is especially passionate about painting and gardening.

Dawn lives with her husband and their energetic goldendoodle dog, in the beautiful Shuswap area of British Columbia on acreage surrounded by mountains. She loves the outdoors and is especially passionate about painting and gardening. She calls her garden Creative Chaos because the sunflowers, helianthus, and petunias are allowed to self-seed at their own discretion. Amongst them, she finds inspiration for her flower paintings and mosaic glasswork.

Born in Victoria, BC, she spent many years beside the ocean before moving to the Shuswap. She is still drawn to the ocean's waves and loves to paint them. She has always enjoyed the visual arts, drawing and painting before having children and a teaching career. Once she retired, the time opened up to devote many satisfying hours to creating artwork.

I prefer painting with acrylics for their boldness of colour and quick drying time. I like to work on large canvas with room to spread the paint and gels. Painting closeups and using textures and bright colours brings the painting to life. There is so much to explore and learn and I'm enjoying my journey.

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