Partners in Paint

Diane Larsen

Diane is a long time resident of the beautiful North Okanagan where she has been busy raising a family, working, and farming. Born and raised in Kelowna, she received encouragement to explore her love of drawing from her family and teachers.

She has been sketching and drawing since she was eight. It's this strong foundation that has given her the ability and confidence to apply her artistic nature to everyday life: designing sets for the theatre, creating fibre art, and her continuing interest in architectural and landscape design.

Recently retired, she is working hard to move her artwork to the next level: trying different mediums and focusing on portraits. Joining local art groups and participating in local art shows has giving her the tools and inspiration to pursue her artwork on a professional level.

All images are the sole property of the artists of Partners in Paint: Dennise Allan, Marg Froess, Virginia Halper, Diane Larsen and Dawn Marie Scott.