Gallery of Paintings for Artist Dawn Marie Scott

Partners in Paint

Artwork by Diane Larsen



11" x 14"    oil on canvas    $100
4' x 4'     paper mache on wireframe with crackled acrylic finish    $200
graphite on canvas    Not For Sale
14" x 18"    palette knife, oil on canvas    $250
graphite drawing       Not For Sale
16" x 20"    palette knife, oil on board    $150
acrylic on wrapped canvas    SOLD
graphite drawing on watercolour paper    Not For Sale
6" x 9"    pen and ink watercolour
graphite on canvas    Not For Sale
3 @ 5" x 7"    acrylic on canvas
graphite on paper    SOLD
acrylic on canvas board    SOLD
graphite on paper    SOLD
accrylic on canvas    SOLD

Colours in artwork may vary when viewed on different monitors.
Prices do not include shipping.

All images are the sole property of the Artists of Partners in Paint: Dennise Allan, Marg Froess, Virginia Halper, Diane Larsen and Dawn Marie Scott.