Partners in Paint

Try This — Tips from our Artists

Tip #1 — Protect resource materials:

Put resource materials in plastic sleeves in a binder – all in one place, easily accessible and protected.

Tip #2 — Water media:

When painting with water media, cover your work surface with an old bath towel. It catches any spills or drips and can be used to gently release excess water from the brush.

Tip #3 — Simplify clean-up:

Tear up old lint-free sheets into 12" x 18" squares and store them in a plastic bag in your painting area to use with oils – to wipe the brush or for cleanup.

Tip #4 — Trace a drawing:

Cover the back of the drawing with a graphite pencil and rub with rubbing alcohol – let dry and then trace.

Tip #5 — Expensive is not always better:

After trying a variety of palettes, expensive and not so expensive, my favourite is a cheap plastic one where the acrylic paint peels right off when dry. The expensive ones sit in my cupboard gathering dust while I try to figure out another use for them.

Tip #6 — Cleaning brushes:

Hot water cleans brushes much better than cool. Keep a container of clean, hot water beside your easel.

Tip #7 — Those pesky rulers:

I bought a dozen 99¢ plastic rulers and put them everywhere in my studio so I no longer need to keep searching for my ruler. (I'm sure it was being moved around and hid during the night.)

Tip #8 — Uses for those copper pennies:

If you use a pallet with a sponge to keep your paints wet, put at least three copper pennies under the sponge. This keeps the sponge from souring.

Tip #9 — How to paint over acrylic paintings:

Don't use gesso – use acrylic titanium white – as many coats as needed to cover.

Tip #10 — Repainting an oil canvas:

A light coat of retouch varnish will bring up the colour when repainting on an oil canvas.

Tip #11 — Organize watercolour pencils:

Store watercolour pencils in an upright plastic container using cardboard toilet paper rolls to separate colours – “all the greens at a glance”.

Last Tip — Matting Matters

Choose carefully. Roll over the colours. Compare the different sizes.

All images are the sole property of the Artists of Partners in Paint: Dennise Allan, Marg Froess, Virginia Halper, Diane Larsen and Dawn Marie Scott.